~ एक BAR…

Twinkle twinkle little stars,

I see, when I walk out of the bar,

All in pair, broken beyond repair,

no-one gives a thought, forget care…

भैया, दीदी, भूख लगी है कुछ खिला दो,

हमने किसी का क्या बिगाड़ा है, बता दो


…here he comes…


Trying , walking straight, swaying but didn’t fall,

Pushes himself in the car, he’s okay not drunk at all,

पीछे से वो आवाज़ लगाते है, बुलाते है,

आपके तो यहाँ रोज़ आते है, हम रोज़ भूखे सो जाते है


His morning is fine, a little head spin,

vomit maybe or a little puke in the bin,

और वो रात की आवाज़ फिर आती है,

तुम्हें प्यास और भूख हमें रोज़ सताती है


Nothing much comes to mind for rest of the day,

Evening, drives his car back to the bar…

ये एक-Bar की बात नहीं, हर bar की कुछ ऐसी ही कहानी है,

भूख निगलतेनिगलते भूख निगल जाती है जिनको, कुछ बच्चे ऐसे भी पलते हैं



Feeling free like a kite, swaying left and then right,

He was a man so drunk, never ate no chunk,

Quite he kept, all alone he wept, stood like a tree,

His body was drowned, burnt and buried, soul he exhumed,

Wandering through the labyrinth of steep and dirty streets,

On stairs he stayed, in parts he lived, stripper, the girl he missed,

Love he had, love he gave, all of it, every bit

She left him, naked, all stripped, of love, all bit…

~ Ohh life…


Ohh life…

I remember meeting you once, just across the street;

You looked as lively as a squirrel

Little to your knowledge I saw you walking;

Jumping, hopping long miles with criss crosses along your side

Your tiny little feet and petite hands;

two rubber bands and that mischievous smile

Bought back the meaning to my life;

Rejoiced, for my soul was alive

Times passed by and for once, I met you again;

Your were withered in despair

You found a knife and it didn’t miss you;

And Alas! You were gone

You cut the vein; as you couldn’t endeavour the pain

There was flood, a flood of blood, You were red,

DROP by drop, you ceased and came to a full STOP…