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Ministries to Organise Cultural Event

The Ministry of Slavery & Bonded Labour has joined hands with Ministry of Racism to organise a cultural program next month. The proposed event will showcase the achievements of both the ministries in creating awareness about programs on slavery and racism.

In the event, the winner of best slogan contest, Mr. Pale Screwed will be facilitated for his award winning slogan “Slave Agent Bond 24X7”. Mr. Screwed is an internationally acclaimed slavery promoter and speaker, and he has been instrumental in spreading slavery and racism around the world. He has won various awards internationally and is a bonded thinker. He is also nominated for the famous Discrimination Award scheduled for later this year and all the winners will be  facilitated in next year’s Slavery Parade.

The mega cultural event will also showcase the new blood sucking machine which will make blood sucking an automatic 24X7 function with just the installation of one small chip in human body. It is a major invention and its prototype was tested last year. Post revealing, it goes into the production phase and the first batch of chips is expected to be out by the end of the year. The chip is going to give a major boost to the economy of our nation as slaves will no longer have to get in queue to get their blood sucked, resulting in loss of slavery-hours. Slaves will earn an extra 13 minutes sleep in addition to the 90 minutes they are already getting and additional constructive work will lead them on the path of fulfilment.

The Chief Guest for this event will be Mr. Hunter, owner of the famous hunting equipments, the same that are used to keep the slaves and the labourers dedicated to their mission towards nation building.

The event will be live telecasted in all languages spoken and understood in the region by Ministry of Limited Information’s broadcasting channel “Monopoly”.

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Photo taken at National Gallery of Art, D.C.



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Right to Abuse Bill could be passed soon

PLANET EARTH – Minister of Complaint (from MOC) today demanded resignation of Minister of Anger (of MOA) over his remarks about Right to Abuse. The Minister of Anger criticised the bill to be tabled in the parliament and termed it as an unparliamentary act, The proposed amendments in the bill will also give power to Ministry of Compliant; by which they can also abuse anyone. It is the same power which Ministry of Anger solely has and looks like Minister of Anger is clearly not happy about power sharing.

The controversial Right to Abuse bill has been attracting severe criticism from Ministry of Anger also since it will take away its most powerful weapon, one they have been so used to enjoy solely. A large fraction of common people against whom this bill is already been used are also protesting and demonstrating against the same.

Meanwhile the statement issued by the spokesperson of Ministry of Suppress Speech indicates that the bill may pass as several other ministries are also in fray to get the same power and this may be just the start before every ministry enjoys abusing. The public is not happy about it since the resolution was passed in favour of Right to assault in the last parliament session, this may be second biggest win for the public masters. Over the years public has got used to silent assault, Right to Abuse will make it a vocal abuse and they fear along with their bodies it will also be painful for their minds.

Right to Assault allows any minister of any ministry to physically assault anyone in public or private; people enjoy it in private more than in public as per the recent survey conducted by the ministry of human-has-no-rights. The second round of survey will also collect public opinion about Right to Abuse bill and how different it is to be abused by Ministry of Compliant officials rather than Ministry of Anger.

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The rights of minority have been, since long, in the hands of majority. And then consciousness sweeps in and comes the change, roles reverse and a new majority is formed, things get repeated. Lectures of morality are given to a new minority. Humans, the thinking brains are tamed and controlled.

Nature, which has been there since time immortal has sustained untamed and it does not discriminate between the majority or the minority.