~ 3 Pounds…

Of-course you have to use one,

It isn’t safe my dear, otherwise,

I wouldn’t have bothered if you had none,

Since I know, you have to use one…


Hey, don’t be a lazy bum,

What’s the matter with you, catch a breath,

Count until ten, fine, only until three,

It isn’t going to cost you anything, it’s free…


Don’t rush, no, you won’t do without, use it,

It’s right up there, don’t mess with your hair,

Will you please stop, please, hold it right there,

Let me help you, come here, bare…


You know what’s the problem, we avoid an effort,

It may seem brave in haste, it’s nasty,

Why to later regret, make choices that are sane,

You have one, use it, I’m talking about your…brain…


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